Visualising MYP Terminology

I have had this in my drafts since my last year of teaching in 2017/18 in Singapore so the writing is me from a while ago. I’m still the same I think. I’ll just add these few sentences here and press publish so that the post is out there. Ta-bloody-da.


Heading into my second year of teaching MYP Design (along with my K-12 Head of Technology and Innovation role) I’m still in need of some visual sustenance when it comes to corralling all the MYP terminology I need to into the smallest bite sized chomp I can. An area that’s easy to visualise what the terminology entails.


The first one was the ATLs. A broad grouping of 5 skills we want our students to develop and master. One tends to need a reminder about the myriad of objectives under each of the 5 skills (Communication, Social, Self-Management, Research, and Thinking).

So I wanted something I could print out and leave in my line of sight. Had to be A3 too. It was a tough task but I managed to squeeze everything in. Not perfect but it solves my problem.

Here’s a link to a pdf of the above image – ATL – Clusters


There are 52 MYP Command Terms that are impossible to recall at the drop of a hat. I needed some sort of flash card visualisation to include a rudimentary graphic and the all important definition. I created a Google Slides presentation using icons from The jury is still out on whether I will print them out and laminate them (for myself and my students) or just have them as a digital slideshow when I need to refresh mine and my students’ brains a bit. It proved quite tricky to differentiate between appropriate icons for a number of the Command Terms but they do the job until I can redefine them. The definitions, for now, are the key areas in each slide to meet my needs.

Here is a link to a pdf of the Google Slides – MYP COMMAND TERMS- ILLUSTRATED

Thanks, me 2018.

Me 2019

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