What Are We Teaching Anymore?

Thinking about teaching and creativity has made me realise that AI and the dawn of pressing buttons to automatically create things is upon us. Even tools like Canva have pivoted with AI tools to allow us all to create without…creating. Kinda.

Inquiring and Analysing has become a minefield of navigating AI generated thought-speak. Now when you think the writing isn’t coming from the students’ own brains you have to check for plagiarism and AI.

Developing ideas has become a prompt for Midjourney or Dall-E. Or ChatGPT. Or Bard.

Creating a solution has become the stage for AI generated and assisted creations.

Evaluating has become a prompt for ChatGPT. Or Bard.

The urge to use AI is pervasive and….rewarding? What are we teaching anymore?

Lets face it, we need students to make mistakes and use the right tools for the wrong reasons at the right times.

But what about the students that use AI, enjoy its use, and achieve success with AI within the realms of their schooling? What then? What are we teaching anymore?

In my dark days, I think that schools will have to unplug themselves totally at times, creating units where creativity comes from the old fashioned “within” and research is done using……books???! Get primary information from actually….talking to people?!?!

In my slightly dark days, I think that at other times schools will have to teach with AI and explore the construction of an AI prompt and creation in order to create conversations and understandings around what AI is doing for and to us.

In my rose tinted glasses days I think that schools have to create perfect units of work that traverse the tightrope of AI and authenticity. Units which allow for the individuality of students to shine through and where their creative process is theirs and theirs alone.

We still need to ask the question….

What are we teaching anymore?

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