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  1. Just read your blog and would be interested in following how your K students do with the iTouches. We will soon have them in my 4K classroom. I love the idea of having the apps cards visually available for the young ones to see. I am on twitter McMahonC1.

  2. colingally

    No probs Catherine, I will for sure be posting updates on the progress. I am following you now on Twitter! @sfanHK is one of our K teachers you should follow too. Look forward to talking.

  3. Janessa Bennett

    Thank you Colin!
    I have been using the poissonrouge website in the lab with the preschoolers and Kinders. It is interesting because only the students who are a bit more advanced (computers at home, attended pre-school the year prior…) prefer to go on it. The others will only attend to it if you sit with them and let them point to the screen as they watch and listen. Otherwise they prefer other programs.

    I liked the site so much I added it to my webpage. The older students really love it ! Parents too. I myself enjoy it. lol

    Thanks for the tip and I hope your year is going well.

    Any other tips please feel free to send to my school email listed. 🙂

    I am new in the position and have some money to spend on software. I have a bit of say for curriculum as well.
    I am currently using the Brainpop Jr. Trial and just started a trial with Pebble Go. Any recommendations?

    I may write a grant this year for Ipads.

    I am lucky because in my state (Ct) We have a yearly conference with our state organization called CECA. It is a wonderful event and goes on for 2 days. I will learn a great deal. Can’t wait. It is on Monday. Cheers.

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