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I last felt compelled to publish something new on January 18th, 2018 (apart from my draft release a few days ago which was all pretty much done a few years ago). The post from January 2018 came about as I had just finished a hugely disappointing online MYP Design course where the online instructor was close to non-existent with their presence. It was shockingly bad and I didn’t receive one bit of feedback for the duration of the course. Because I was/am an online instructor I felt I needed to vent but also suggest how online teaching and learning can work when done right.

So what brings me back to edu-(tech)niques now?

I need something. I need to just write about the profession I am in (and other things I guess) and reflect on my job and what I do and what I don’t do. Now that I’m not working in the Ed. Tech field every day there are other new and interesting things to talk about in other things that I come across. I will even remove the bracketed “tech” in my site name. Yeah that’s right. I actually don’t even like the name edutechniques anymore, I would change it but I couldn’t be bothered. Edu-(Tech)niques – (Tech) = edutechniques. I guess.

This is the start of my second year away from teaching. It’s a bit weird. I spend my days at my laptop interspersed by meetings with my main responsibilities being our self study/accreditation and GDPR. It’s interesting and I like it but the education happens around me in unknown circles. I feel like I’m missing something. I’m hoping writing and taking the time to reflect on things will make me analyse things more than I am.

My plan is to try and stay on my toes edumentally (yeah that’s a word now). My plan is to write (at least) one blog post a week that will help me cook up ideas and just get stuff out of my head. Where will I end up after these two years of non-teaching and not really being involved in any institutional educational decisions? I have no clue. Maybe writing every week will help me. Maybe not. Maybe I’ll take up knitting. Maybe I’ll change fundamental areas of my thinking and outlook on life. Maybe I’ll change professions. Maybe. Maybe…


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