Why Wylio?

I’ve tweeted and spread the word of wylio.com a lot over the last few months so I just wanted to get it down in e-stone why I use it a lot.
In a nutshell, Wylio.com is a Creative Commons image search engine. With a twist. Where it really comes into its own is that when you choose the image you want it gives you the embed code or your blog or wiki. So an image appears like this:

Good dog!photo © 2010 Rhys A. | more info (via: Wylio)

You can choose the size and alignment of the image before you get the embed code and the most important thing is that it puts the proper referencing wording underneath. So much time saved!

I know in the numerous blogs I run wylio.com has been a game changer and a time saver. It could be a very simple and effective way to introduce creative commons to students who are starting out with blogging.

One tip I would give is to write out all your text first and then embed the code to get a better sense of your paragraph layout.

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