Ed Tech Survey Results: Part 1

Ed Tech Survey Results: Part 2

Ed Tech Survey Results: Part 3

*Survey conducted with 120 educators, mainly from Twitter (March 2011)

The awesomeness of Twitter was more apparent to me this week as I tweeted out a survey of questions on some general ed tech areas.

The initial prompt came from my course I’m taking at MSU and so in addition to emailing the teachers at my school (where I got about 5 or 6 replies) I sent it out to Twitterland and got a total of 120 replies. Woohoo! Let me say that again, WOOHOO!

The replies were interesting and it seems…we’re all in this together!!

Here are the multiple choice responses (please click for bigger):

So the women of the world are more caring and took the time out to help me out! That is all! Thanks to the 45 dudes too!


A very nice spread of educators responded with High School leading the way. A lot of educators working with more than one grade signifying specialists or administrators.

Well I’m very happy that nobody DOESN’T learn about new technologies! I purposefully kept the answer “internet” as broad as possible so that we could umbrella everything online under one. Learning from colleagues was a distant second to the internet as a source of further learning of technologies. Interesting statistic. I should have added a “Please Specify” input box beside “Other”.


Good to see that the classroom is where most technology is used with the computer lab coming in second. I wonder would those results have been flipped around 5-10 years ago…?

A massive amount of confident educators showed that they would, no problems, lead a PD session on technology integration. The lesser confident educators are perhaps stymied in trialling and experiencing technology by financial or administrative constraints so are, perhaps, less confident of teaching it to teachers.


A show of confidence in the educators surveyed in showing that they would feel comfortable in teaching in a 1:1 classroom.


Another show of confidence in the educators surveyed in showing that they would grasp the opportunity to work in a technology rich classroom with both hands.


In Part 2 I will show the more interesting written answers to:

What’s been the best use of technology in your classes this school year?

What’s the hardest obstacle to overcome in integrating technology in your classes?

Do you feel your administrators are supportive or flexible in technology integration (in any form) in your school?

Stay tuned!!

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