The Perfect iPad App List for Kindergarten?

It’s been a couple of years now since I had to think about what apps to install on to an iPad (back in 2010 I introduced iPod touches to my previous school, so now I’m even more excited with the cool HD apps for the iPad!). This year our 5 Kindergarten classes will get 4 iPads each to use and keep in their classroom. Our main goal is to get them used as a numeracy and literacy tool just like anything else in the wonderful Kindergarten classrooms. The fact that we have 5 classrooms is great as then we can just use one iTunes account and have the 5 teachers access that account on their teacher laptops (5 is the maximum number of devices one iTunes account can go on to).

When you Google “Best Apps for Kindergarten/Early Years” you get a slew of review sites, Appolicious lists, and blogs with various recommendations.  A side note, back in 2010 I created a website called AppsForEdu, I dreamed of a utopian society where all teachers and students would submit their apps and live happily ever after. Didn’t happen and I let it die. *Sniff*

Trawling through all the Google results today and with a handful I already knew I come up with this list below, put it on a Google Doc, shared it with our K teachers so they could add their own (which will automatically add to the below list!) that they know work well from our trialing of that one lonesome iPad last year. It’s by no means a complete list and I’m sure it will be added to quite regularly during the school year. Oh, and by the way, all links go to Singapore iTunes Store and all prices are in Singapore Dollars!

What app would you add?


So on Friday one teacher will have the apps downloaded and bought on his laptop. We will then sync one iPad from each classroom to it. Then those other teachers will go back to their laptops, connect the iPad, transfer the purchases, then sync the remaining three. Simple right?! I think it will work! We have no fancy syncing cases or setup like that, and that will be something we will have to think about later down the line with more purchases of iPads. For now, we are a content bunch of teachers introducing iPads for the first time in our school. I am also excited to see what we can do with Voicethread and Kindergarten digital portfolios. I’m looking forward to the next few months to see what transpires.


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  2. Shane Gower

    Hi Colin, (Mr.G)

    It was good to see the list above as Im also using some of the apps. Some other apps I’ve incorporated into my class are Aurasma and QR reader (almost any other QR app will also do). Ive used them in literacy and helping them master the sights words. Keep up the good work!

    Shane (Mr G)

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