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*Survey conducted with 120 educators, mainly from Twitter (March 2011)

Do you feel your administrators are supportive or flexible in technology integration (in any form) in your school?


Well that’s a very nice big “YES” there standing out in the Wordle of the survey answers to this particular question! Good to see but not all answers were as rosy colored and positive. Read on…
Below are the 120 replies to the question “Do you feel your administrators are supportive or flexible in technology integration (in any form) in your school?”:


Absolutely. We have the benefit of having VERY supportive administrators and Directors.

They are supportive to a point. Many lack the vision and are content with the status quo.

Yes, but limited by budget constraints and lack of leadership in the field of technology integration.

They support our use of it but not so much for the kids- fear of lack of control of content they will publish and fights/bullying/drama that may come out of miscommunication.



My administrator is very supportive in introducing technology tools to the staff. The hardest part about technology integration is the amount of availability time with the computers for students to use.

Yes, my administrator is flexible and supportive in me trying new things. anything that could be questionable (like when I started allowing my students to use their cell phones in class) I discuss with him ahead of time, and we get our concerns on the table and discuss boundaries.

They talk the talk about don’t force the IT guy to let us walk the walk.



Yes, although like with most people, there is room for improvement. Our admin basically “leave us alone.” That also means no support, expectation of use, etc.

Supportive but limited by budget.

Interestingly the school has implemented a 1:1 program but as I outlined the system is way behind the technology. I prepared a Google Docs lesson for students to collaborate and it was a mess because the technology would not work!

Very supportive and very flexible (fortunately).

Our administration only welcomes one type of PC. Any other manufacturer or tablet device isnt welcome.

Yes. We became a STEM school this year and we are focused on project-based learning. Both of these things facilitate technology integration.

Supportive, no. There are computers with easy access and a few people to help out.

Not very supportive because there are so many restrictions on what can be done.

Our school has a 1:1 Macbook programme from Grade 5 and up. Administration is very supportive and flexible – encouraging us to try new things, new applications in the classroom, and providing PD when asked.

I think they are supportive and flexible in the sense that they allow us to cover whatever we want in a classroom and haven’t dictated what we must use. However whether technology is fully integrated in all lessons is another thing as I have no dealings with administrators!

Admin is extremely supportive and flexible in technology integration

Some but not all

Yes for the most part.  Tech equals money, but also equals time, which in most cases in schools is harder to get than money.

I feel that they are not supportive towards IT integration nor are they flexible with the type of software teacher’s want to use in their classrooms.


They seem to keep a very low profile. My greatest support comes from two of our IT teachers who are very obliging in helping me better integrate technology into my classroom.

They can make it easier by adopting user-friendly tech and implementing it in each classroom.  Now, even though I’ve learned how to use a piece of technology, it’s not readily available or easily accessible.


In my school, yes. Other admin in our district, no.


Our admin is very supportive and flexible in tech integration.  We are 1:1 and they have to be, one of the reasons for our successful program.


Yes, very. We are encouraged to explore the use of varied technologies in the classroom.

Yes.  However, it is not an area in which they are leading.

Somewhat.  There is a lack of technology hardware available, teachers who are confident do what they can with mobiles, etc. and admin “allows” them, but doesn’t necessarily embrace it as a school wide integration approach. It’s a sort of do what you can on your own approach as we don’t have a dedicated tech integration specialist.

Reasonably supportive on the outside, but for example, we are a “Windows” school, so my request to be able to use my iPad on the school network was met with refusal, and the response to my enquiries about a class set of iPod Touches to use in my Languages classes was Luke-warm at best. They like being able to say we are a 1:1 laptop school from Grade 5, but much of it is window dressing.


Yes, flexible as it is an expanding school so they are always changing things to try and get it right.  Less supportive than flexible as changes or the way of doing things is told to staff rather than discussed.

They are supportive, however, they do not seem to be in a rush to procure more resources.

I need my principal to also see my capabilities and possibilities.

Yes so far (I am new to this school).

They are now!

Yes, but they are not as knowledgeable about the possibilities of integration as I am. Time frame from my requests to actual delivery is frustrating me.

Only if the funds allow them to be


Yes, but to be honest they don’t really know enough to give the support that is really needed.

Supportive, yes. Leaders, no.

Not so much. I am not sure if my administrators even know what I am doing in my classroom let alone what I am doing in my classroom with technology.


Somewhat but they are nervous about implications.


some are some aren’t

Excellent Deputy Principal – leads ALL IT in school. Leaders show lead us through our learning journey – intergrating IT across all curriculum areas, new programs, networking for new ideas, attending PD for new directions.

I am the headteacher and am very supportive!

Both, I am one.


They are hugely supportive and try to work on the issues for us.  We got the whiteboards first and now we are rolling out the one to one laptops and have 3 year levels out of 5 using them. We do have good tech support and have had some good training sessions to help get people more comfortable.

Yes, my administrator is very supportive.  She believes 21st Century Learning & Web 2.0 tools are essential in k-5 classrooms so that students can be doing the accessing, creating and sharing.

no, not at all as this means change!


Yes but they take convincing sometimes!

Very supportive of me. I wish they would push others a bit harder.

They don’t mind that I’m doing it, but are not pushing for vision or competent support.

I am a principal, and I feel I’m supportive but I’d love to have more staff taking a chance with new technology ideas.


they like the idea (they talk the talk) however they don’t always walk the walk …eg … we are praised when we use netbooks in yr 7 and 8 … but we don’t have access to interactive whiteboards in all classrooms …

Supportive and flexible


My school is moving towards a full integration model, and would therefor qualify as supportive. However, too many of the administrators in my school don’t use/know technology and seem to be dragging their feet.

Yes. The Principal class in my school have a vision and understanding of how important technology is in today’s education and that’s partly why I chose to work in this school

As long as they can see how it is helping us prep for state tests. The reason we were given iwb’s was so we could work on study island with our students.

Very supportive. District & school goals. Also, part of Common Core

Yes, I am fortunate that way


Yes, Absolutely 1000% Supportive without any exception. Everything I need us provided and some. Every “”tech”” idea I’ve wanted to pursue has been acknowledged and supported.

I’m adding a comment here for you question below. Why does it have to be tech OR paper?
Paper has it’s place in a Tech environment. Both have value and application for student learning.
Besides, what would you make paper planes out of?

tentative, but supportive.  I’m ahead of the wave here, so they don’t know what I’m doing;

basically trust me, but I am being very careful and moving slowly.

absolutely fantastic. we are completely open to all devices and to sharing wireless code while teaching responsible use.

Yes. New admin this year. They realizethat the school is really lacking in tech resources and they want to encourage PD sessions through staff meetings, etc

Flexible, but don’t give the time for PD or much support

Some administrators are flexible (sometimes too flexible due to lack of understanding) and others are not as flexible because they see it as more “gadgetry” than actual content application.

Our administrators are intimidated by the IT support staff – they don’t provide any sort of meaningful leadership for this aspect of the organization

Nope … in more cases than not they wouldn’t know a good technology integration if it bit ’em

** last question – my answer would not be a 1:1 laptop … but closer to a tablet of some sort with computer labs available for “”heavy computing”” … and certainly no interactive whiteboards (they only have, at most, 2 students engaging with the technology/curriculum while the rest are spectators)
*** great survey!  i would love to see the results (@matthewlspears – twitter)

YES!  We have a Techie Tuesday fromat for staff development where the district gets us subs for a day to go and learn about a tech tool to integrate into the classroom.  Super way for us to learn!

Yes – they’ve been very encouraging.

I dont feel they know enough yet and are not willing to learn

Some yes, some less so, but all want to be supportive.

At times

yes they give it amazing lip service but at the end of the day the admin is old school chalk and talkers

supportive in theory, but not knowledgeable about implementation

I have a very supportive principal. Next year we are changing Principals so a bit worried about that.


Definitely.  Have won them over. 🙂

Yes. Very flexible.

overall, yes

They talk a good game but when it comes to spending some $ to make it happens then the feet start dragging.

Yes!  This is where their minds go as soon as new money comes floating across the horizon.

Although selling them on something they aren’t sure about, but you know would be awesome is often difficult.

Supportive in words but not so much in actions. They don’t seem to understand what it involves.

Yes, but it’s hard to push new things with limited resources.

not as much as Id like

Yes. They’ve always been supportive in the past – only constrained by budget issues.

partially supportive. They fear what parents would think


NO. They are suspicious and frustrating and obstructive


I do.

Not very, though some are better than others. It can be very frustrating when decisions are made by those who have no interest in technology and still feel that the “old school” way was good enough for them so it is good enough for our students now. Yikes.

Yes, Admin are very enthusiastic about ICT and it is well resourced.

Most — I am part of a digital learning team this year, helping colleagues learn about 21st century learning and integrating technology.

I do feel my admin are supportive as long as it doesn’t cost them money.

Have given us all of the tools and some of the staffing but not the time to talk/collaborate/play. So

I think they want to be supportive but do not totally understand the support needed to really make integration successful.



Our VP and P are supportive, but the funds don’t exist to bring the technology into the school.

Yes, they encourage it.

Yes, to a degree


If by administrators, you mean management, they are of the laissez-faire variety when it comes
to ICT integration


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