The Old Gmail+1 Trick


I was asked recently what I meant by the “old Gmail+1” trick in my post “Minecraft: The Techy Bits

Well, let me explain for those unaware of this very handy trick.

Say you have a bunch of students (whether they are in earlier grades and they don’t have school email addresses yet or your school doesn’t do email addresses period) and there is a website you really need to register your class of students on. Who wants to spend an hour or more creating email addresses just for using to register on a website and never be used again?!

Here’s where Gmail comes in. Take for example you have a personal or throwaway Gmail account; When it comes to registering multiple email addresses on a website you can use,, and so on. You can literally add anything after your username ( and all emails sent to those accounts will go into your inbox.

Cool, huh? And very handy, I have used it many times when working with younger grades.

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