Some Apple Shortcut Illustrations

Just made the below illustrations to laminate in classrooms, they’re not going to win any design awards but they do the job I wanted them to do! I’m trying to get workflow on computers to be more efficient from Grade 1 upwards. Another thing I see happening is that our students (and teachers) have a habit of just clicking the red cross circle on an application to “close it”, which in fact it doesn’t. This causes computer resources to be eaten up especially if Photoshop or iMovie is left “on”. I have an issue with seeing this on a Mac before anyone has actually started working:

I like to call this effect “The lights are on but nobody’s home

Anyway I hope to get our students into a keyboard shortcut frame of mind, it’s already happening but I would like every student from G1-5 do it as second nature by October break.

Just click on the album title to get to the Flickr page if you want to download them.

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