Our iPad Apps So Far (Nov 2013)

At our school we are building a depository of apps that we currently have or require on our iPads. At the start of the school year I created a list of the apps we had from last year and also shared the document out with all our teachers to add to. It’s a random selection of apps that relate to a number of different curriculum areas and not at all organized!



As our early years have other varying and significant needs for their students and the apps they require they set about creating their own list of early years apps. @AlisonEducates heads this up and as I get around to purchasing them, I mark it off on the list. As you can see, Alison is more organized! And I have not purchased the latest ones yet! Long story…


I know many years ago starting off with iPod Touches wondering what apps to get. I hope some teachers find these lists useful.

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