I try my best to stay relevant to what the students may be experiencing in their “normal, outside” world they live in. This involves me trying to watch all the movies (I was going to put the word “stuff” in there, but it’s my New Year’s Resolution not to say that word any more) they are watching. It’s a hard life..

Anyway, I saw the recent release of “Avatar” as a way to introduce the concept and meaning of the word “avatar” to my Grade 3 and 4 classes and how and why they would be using one in their technology usage.  This then lead on to why the movie was called “Avatar” and we rolled on from there.

I suppose this is just a shout-out to a very simple and engaging website called Portrait Illustration Maker

And, of course, I ended up learning some Chinese from my students. The tattoo on my avatar’s forehead is “Meat”. I always thought I was a bit of a meat-head. And I’m saying “explode”. Sounds about right!

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