A little help for the little ones

Quite the week ahead of us all in Kindergarten Year!

We will introduce the iPod Touches to all of our new batch of students; starting off, getting the basics of operating them correctly and using the apps.

I have worked out with all the teachers the schedule and will meet with them on Friday so they know what apps are available. I will, most likely, stay in the classroom for the first few weeks and see how everything chugs along.
It’s been about 2 years since I had a class of students this young and I’m looking forward to it but I know the challenges of keeping things running and alleviating any undue stress on the students.

One thing I did was to print out and laminate copies of some of our app icons. I swear I read about somebody doing this but for the life of me can’t remember where…don’t want to be taking credit for the idea but if nobody steps forward I will and presumed I dreamt it all!
I googled (instantly!) the names of the apps, arranged the pictures all out in PowerPoint (yes I use it for posters, works lovely thanks very much!) on A3 Page Setup and got 6 to a page. And laminated them (twice, as I nearly burned the school down by putting it in the wrong way first, oppps!).

Et voila! Wouldn’t mind having them as a set of coasters!

Cool looking right!?

Here is the pptx for whomever would find it useful.

iPhone App Icons

I’m working on a wall poster for the classrooms to keep the directions in sight but nothing is looking right so far in the design. I really want to make a fluffy iPod mascot in Illustrator to guide them along the way! Maybe I can, maybe I can…..

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