“Would you rather…?” random wheel spinner to use with students

Following on from racking my brains with coming up with other more engaging “ice breakers” for MS students the notion of “Would you rather…?” activities came about. Trawling the internet I found numerous websites with different degrees of appropriate questions and put them all in to a Wheel of Names wheel. This has proven worthwhile now with two batches of middle school students both in Finland and in Japan so give it a go, I’ve done all the hard work for you!

Here’s the link so that you can use mine.

Anytime you close the page and re-open it, any questions that you removed will be back so don’t worry!

I like this method of doing this as it adds that fun element and the fate of randomness that we all like to put in to hands of technology. I think the questions that I’ve found are also appropriate enough to illicit further debate and discussion even amongst the most reluctant of learners. Give it a go!

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