“Would you rather…?” random wheel spinner to use with students

Following on from racking my brains with coming up with other more engaging “ice breakers” for MS students the notion of “Would you rather…?” activities came about. Trawling the internet I found numerous websites with different degrees of appropriate questions and put them all in to a Wheel of Names …

25 Minutes A Week With 8 Middle School Students

My contact time with students in my current role is virtually nil but I have a weekly 25 minute block with 8 MS students in what we call “Koti” time. Koti is “home” in Finnish. The guidelines for koti are broad and what actually transpires varies from koti to koti …

Minecraft Minechat Episode 3: Alex Guenther

This week we travelled to Alex Guenther’s Grade 7 Humanities Minecraft world. And what a world it is! It was great to see, for the first time in our series, a middle school Minecraft project. Thanks Alex for showing us around!  

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