Simplifying the PYP and MYP….Graphically!

Simplifying the PYP and MYP….Graphically!

Just a short post to illustrate a request that @Shaza33 had (I’m sure she’ll be writing up a post over on her own blog real soon about how she worked with what I did!).

The PYP and MYP models have a layer of rings to illustrate what makes up the programmes.

A little bit daunting for anyone new to the IB but presenting each inner ring one at a time can simplify and clarify what each element entails. Presenting is @Shaza33‘s bit, Photoshopping is mine…

So I just Photoshopped each ring out into its own little happy world (I’ve been watching too much Bob Ross) so that each ring could be presented as separate entities (before obviously being presented as a whole programme) and hopefully the IB don’t sue me….If you’re really smart you can present them in a way that they can come in one at a time to present the full circle. Uh-huh. Yea,


PYP Rings Google Drive Link


MYP Circles Google Drive Link

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