iTouch and Kindergarten: An Intro

December 15th, 2009 Categories: itouch

I’ve noticed in retrospect in the two schools I’ve worked in that the kindergarten students were and are not thought of as any different than the rest of the primary school regarding technology usage in their classroom. In both schools standard desktops are used as a tool for learning and I saw problems with this; mainly the constant supervision they need with the multitude of buttons and bells and whistles. It’s scary for them!

More thought needs to be put in to how and what technology a school has at their disposal that suits that particular age group. I feel that we don’t kick it up a notch until Grade 2 and above when really our Kindergartners are at a perfect age to be aware and gain experience of relevant technology.

This is where I felt the iTouch could come in to play. Just the initial thoughts of it and relating it to our little guys in Kindergarten got me excited.

The iTouch is:
1. Interactively easy.
With a swipe of a little finger the iTouch is on and raring to go. In my initial observations the students need very little instruction at the start then it is intuitive for them to continue in the same fashion.

2. Relevant.
The students know instantly what the iTouch is albeit they may call it an iPhone. (I have lost count of how many students have said: “Oh my mom/dad has one!”)

3. Resource heavy.
The number of age relevant and specific apps for Kindergarten is mind boggling. I’m pretty sure every subject is covered. I have aligned each unit of our English and Maths curriculum to an app.

4. Tactile
I suppose I could lump this in with interactively easybut I think it deserves a number of its own. Kindergartners need to use their fingers, they need to manipulate, control and get those digits and hands moving ergo it also suits kinesthetic learners not to mention auditory and visual learners as well!

This list will be added to as we go on and my brain does some more learning.

So as you may have gathered I brought forward a proposal to purchase iTouches for our Kindergarten grades. With the help of a willing Kindergarten teacher we trialed and tested a number of apps and brought it to our principal. Yadda yadda yadda we are awaiting our first batch anon!

I am so very excited for our kindergarten students and teachers. They deserve to have relevant technology to assist their learning. I was amazed when I first observed our students using them. The learning curve was so shallow that minimal observation is required and the concentration and visible engagement that were on the students’ faces was enthralling.

This is the beginning of our journey but I am proud of our initial steps and you know what, it’s time to be proud of myself  and the forward thinking Kindergarten teachers too!

I’m also proud of technology!

This exciting chapter is to be continued…

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