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I recently apologized. The apology wasn’t acknowledged and an email conversation went on back and forth as if I hadn’t taken a step back from the emotions involved and looked at the situation with humility and common sense. Am I going to lose any sleep over this slight? Nah. But it’s made me want to […]

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I last felt compelled to publish something new on January 18th, 2018 (apart from my draft release a few days ago which was all pretty much done a few years ago). The post from January 2018 came about as I had just finished a hugely disappointing online MYP Design course where the online instructor was […]

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I have had this in my drafts since my last year of teaching in 2017/18 in Singapore so the writing is me from a while ago. I’m still the same I think. I’ll just add these few sentences here and press publish so that the post is out there. Ta-bloody-da. —————————————————————— Heading into my second […]

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